LPCUT, s.r.o.
Místecká 803
744 01 Frenštát p. R.
Czech Republic

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tel: +420 554 144 992
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LPCUT® is registered trademark of LPCUT s.r.o. and may be registered in Czech Republic and/or in other countryes. All other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.
LPCUT s.r.o. is in no way affiliated with the above named namufacturers. References to the above named machines, torches consumables and reference numbers are for convenience only.
Most LPCUT parts are made for and by LPCUT company. Parts indicated with »O» are original parts manufactured by above named manufacturer and are being resold by LPCUT.
LPCUT reserves the right to substitute »O» parts in place of LPCUT parts. Valid from September 2015, previous version is no longer valid. Copyright by LPCUT s.r.o. Czech Republic, all rights reserved.